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Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities with Audentes Labs. We are a one stop solution provider for comprehensive quality management and product testing needs. With an International standard 10000+ sqft Laboratory located at Navi Mumbai which includes Analytical, Microbiological, Packaging and sensory evaluation, we are ahead of the times with our technologies. Our key expertise lies in the Food & Beverage and Consumer Goods Sector. Our trained and well experienced team ensures we deliver accurate results in lowest turnaround time. Our focused approach is in successfully delivering all our assignments and maintaining unbiased professionalism through high integrity, dedication and strict confidentiality. We are your not just another testing laboratory but your partner in the quality improvement journey and have trained and certified to conduct Hygiene, GMP & HACCP Risk Audits. We don’t just provide reports but support in cause analysis of issues and provide actionable insights.

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1. Bulk Cargo
2. Containerized Cargo
3. Pre-shipment Inspection
4. Stock Audits and verification
5. Self/Third party Inspection
6. GMP audits
7. HACCP risk Audits

1. FSSAI hygiene compliance rating
2. FoSTaC
3. Food and Water safety monitoring
4. Environmental monitoring for Kitchens (Air, Equipment and personal swabs)

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